Hydraulic Industrial Scrapers


Rather than buy a light duty farm scraper, save some money and buy an industrial scraper. You'll have a better scraper for less money. Our scrapers are updated with top quality hydraulics, which are installed for controlling depth, loading, and unloading. All of our scrapers have a hydraulic push-off gate. We have been in the business of converting industrial cable scrapers to hydraulic scrapers for over 25 years, and we'll continue to please our customers with a quality product, proven to last for years!

bulletWe will custom update your cable operated scraper.
bulletWe will buy used industrial cable scrapers.
bulletDirect mount scrapers available in most makes and models.
bulletTracks for larger scrapers are available for extra floatation and reduced compaction.
bulletScraper rentals available.
bulletWe sell tires: 14x20, 16x20, 16x21, 18x25, 21x25, etc.
bulletDealer inquiries welcome.

Sample photos of available scrapers:

Caterpillar 70-pull type (12-13 yds)

Cat 70-direct mount  (12-13yds)

Caterpillar 491-pull type c/w tracks (34-40 yds)

Le Tourneau LS - pull type (10-11yds)

Allis Chalmers/Laplante 315 - pull type (15 yds)


Scrapers Available:
Caterpillar # 60    10-11 yds Le Tourneau (LS)    10-11 yds
Caterpillar # 70    12-13 yds Le Tourneau (LP)    14-15 yds
Caterpillar # 80    16-17 yds A.C./Laplante (C106)     9 yds
Caterpillar # 435       15 yds A.C./Laplante (C108)    11yds
Caterpillar # 463  22-24 yds A.C./Laplante # 315     15 yds
Caterpillar # 491  34-40 yds  Garwood                         10 yds
Le Tourneau (M)     6-8 yds Adams                               6 yds


Direct Mount Scrapers:


Puts more weight on your drive wheels for significantly more traction.


Provides enough extra traction to operate two scrapers in tandem.


Are also more maneuverable. 


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